06/30/2007 Dr. Samuel Gruber (Florida)

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06/30/2007 Dr. Samuel Gruber (Florida)

Post by sharkbait » Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:48 pm

I am awoken by panic-stricken screams. “Doc has been bit, Doc has been bit.” Dr. Gruber has been bitten badly on the hand by a subadult lemon shark while trying to free the hook from its mouth. It is only the second time in his 40-year research career that he has been bitten, a formidable track record. It takes nearly two minutes to free his hand from the shark’s jaws using a boat paddle as a pry bar. The razor sharp teeth had cut him to the bone. Luckily, Dr. Gruber kept his composure during the ordeal and remained very still, as any sudden movements would have resulted in his hand being ripped to shreds.
Bite Survivor - Dr. Samuel Gruber shared the rest of the article with us at shark attack survivors only.

A cute 6' lemon shark had my hand in her mouth for about 2 minutes. We both stared at each other and I

stared her down. She gently let go and that was that. Actually, I knew the probability was that she would let go

so I didn't move a muscle! Hand all better!


How to deal with a shark bite.
Step one: do something stupid like this

Step 2: Stop the bleeding and drive yourself home

Step 3: Soak in peroxide and betadine and pray infection doesn't start in

Doc and I share the knowledge that once a Lemon shark gets pissed enough to bite you, it is holding on no matter what.

We thank him for showing us the researchers type of shark injuries. Some are minor while others are really severe.

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